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Sarri Burguer

Major de Sarria 12 - 08007 - Barcelona
About us

If you are in the charming neighborhood of Sarria in Barcelona and you fancy a delicious hamburger ... You are in luck! As it is the specialty of the restaurant Sarri Burger, that is located in this emblematic neighborhood. You can go from the morning, as they serve delicious breakfasts such as the sandwich of Iberian ham and Manchego cheese. If you order a hamburger, it could be the Jucy Lucy, made with selected veal and stuffed with cheese and foie. Let yourself fall in love with homemade desserts, such as the Cheesecake and the Lemon Pie, which are unforgettable. Ah! And the super Café frappe with cream, you do not want to finish it, and less bad, because they serve it in large glasses so that the delight is endless.  


In addition to the food, just enter, you will also love its decor between vintage and modern. For watching football matches accompanied by a very fresh beer, the Sarri Burger restaurant is perfect.

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