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Legal notice



This legal notice regulates the access and use of the website www.menusdegrupos.com (from now on the Website) settled in Barcelona C/ Diputación, 279 1o 7o NIF (identification number) b-66828443 Rey Facturoy, S.L, expose to the internet users interested in their contents and services (from now on the Users).

The purpose of the Website is no diseminate the services offered by clients/customers through their Website, internet in general or any other media, and allows the Users to contact customers directly through an application form.

The Website www.menusdegrupos.com, may modify at any time and without prior notification, design, presentation and/or configuration of the Website, as well as some or all of the services and add some new.

Using this site implies having read the regulations included in this legal disclaimer/note published in the Website in the exact moment the User enters. Aditionally, www.menusdegrupos.com informs the Users of this Website that this general terms of use may be modified without prior notification. As a consequence, the user mus attentively read the current legal disclaimer/note each time they enter the

Website, in order to take the possible modifications under consideration. The use of certain services may involve particular conditions that, depending on the case, could replace complete or partially and/or modify the current disclaimer. Therefore, the User should carefully read and accept those particular conditions before using those specific services.


The user, makes the commitment of making a diligent use of the Website and the services attached, with full agreement to the Law, good manners and the present General Terms, and/or particular conditions (in some cases) , as well as respecting other Users.

It is forbidden using this Website for anything different but it´s main purpose.

In this sense, the User will refuse using any of the content of this Website with an illegal aim expresively prohibited in this General Terms conditions, as well as the particular conditions that enable contrary to www.menusdegrupos.com members (or third parties), rights and interests. As a result, the user must respond in case of breaking or going against these obligations (including introducing and difussing informatic virus), damaging, overburdening or rendering inoperative the normal use of the material, documents and files stored in any informatic equipment (hacking) property of www.menusdegrupos.com, it´s members or any other user.

Access to the Website is free except for the cost of the connection to the Network provided by the hired supplier.

As a general term, access and searches done throug the Website, will not need login. Although, selections of menus in published restaurants, as well as certain functionalities, might depend on a previos login/registration.

All the data entered by the User, mut be accurate, actual and verified. The registered User will be responsible for safe-keeping passwords, assumming as a consequence any damage or prejudice that could arise from its missuse, including cession disclosure or loss. In adition, access to restricted areas and/or using contents and services done under a registered User´s password, will be considered done by the registered User, who will respond in any case.

The User is obligated not to broadcast, introduce, diffuse or tell 3rd parties, any type of material and information (data, contents, messagespictures, software, ect) that attempt against Law, morality, public order or these Legal terms.

In an expository manner, and never discriminatory, the User commits:

- Not to introduce or diffuse racist, xenophobist, pornographic, apology for terrorism contents or advertisements or anything against Human Rights

- Not to introduce or diffuse over the network data programs (virus and dangerous softwares) that could damage the system of the access provider, their own providers or 3rd parties internet users.

- Not to diffuse, trasmite or share with others, any kind of information, element or content that attempt against fundamental rights and public liberties renowned constitutionally and in International Treaties.

- Not to diffuse, transmite or share with others any kind of information, element or content that may constitude illegal or perfidious advertising.

- Not diffuse un authorised or unrequested publicity, advertising material, junk mail, chain letters, pyramid structures or any other kind of requires except for ones involving those areas (such as commercial spaces) exclusively conceived for that specific use.

- Not to diffuse or introduce false, ambiguous or inaccurate information or content that could lead receptors in to errors/mistakes.

- Not to impersonate other users using their password access, services and contents of the Website.

- Not to disseminate, transmite or communicate to 3rd parties any information element or content that indicates a violation of the Secret of Communication and Legislation of Personal Data.

The User must hold harmless www.menusdegrupos.com facing any complaint, fine or penalty that could come as a result of non-compliace the above regulations, reserving www.menusdegrupos.com indeed the right of requesting a compensation for damages.


Except in those specific cases described in General Terms of Use and the Regulatory      Framework of this Website, www.menusdegrupos.com will not assume the responsibility of any kind of damage that may occur as a result of a lack of accuracy, exhaustiveness or currency, as well as errors/mistakes or omission of information and services contained in this Website or other contents which can be reached through this site. Likewise, it will not assume any commitment on verifying contents and information.

Aditionally, www.menusdegrupos.com does not guarantee availability, continuity or       infallibility of the functionaning of the Website and, as a consequence, excludes any responsibility for any kind of damage originated as a lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Website and services, as well as, error occur during the access to the different offered websites.

This Website excludes any responsability of the damage derivated from the services given by 3rd parties through this Website, as well as the media that these enable to manage the requests, and more precisely, but not limited: For acts of unfair competition and unlawful advertising as a result of the provision of services by third parties through the Website, as well as to the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, vices, disseminated, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible through the services provided by third   parties through this Website.


These General Conditions are regulated by the Spanish Law, where www.menusdegrupos.com and the User are subject to the User´s Courts and Tribunals place of residence, under their own decision, in order to resolve conflicts and waiver of any other jurisdiction.

Likewise, as an entity attached to Confianza Online , and in the terms of its ethical code, in case of controversies relating to online advertising and contracting, data protection, minor protector and accessibility, the User may resort to the Out-Of-Court Dispute Resolution System of Confianza Online  which is in charge of the Advertising Jury and the National Consumer Arbitration Board.


The subscription to the services of the Website, entails the User´s subscription to the electronic newsletter and digital push that may be created, which includes news and newness of the Website. In this sense, the User consents and accepts their reception. This consent might be revoked by the User at any time through the means that www.menusdegrupos.com makes available to all its Users for this purpose.


All rights reserved.

This website is regulated by the Spanish Law and is protected by National and International Legislation on Industrial and Intellectual Property.

All the contents on this Website, and particularly: articles, databases, commercial studies, texts, designs, graphics, logos, software, brands, or any other signs that can be used, are under www.menusdegrupos.com Industrial and Intellectual Rights and /or 3rd parties ibcumbents which have authorized their inclusion in the Website.

The users state that the content of any nature that they insert in the Website, does not infringe the rights of any kind of third parties, and assume any responsibility expressly exempting www.menusdegrupos.com  for any prejudice or infringement of rights that said contents could cause to third parties.

Distribution, modification, transformation, transfer, making available to the public and any other activity that is not expressly authorized by the owner of the exploitation rights is forbidden. The unauthorized use of the materials and information contained in the website, may involve the violation of the legislation on Industrial and Intellectual Property and other applicable laws.