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Website where, as a user, you can select any type of menu with just one click, and where restaurants can advertise their own food for free.

The main idea is to make the search of a suitable menu for a group event easier. We want to avoid the waste of time that the user has to spend calling the restaurants, visiting the places or waiting for the responses of the establishment.

Here you may find a huge variety of different menus to choose according to your needs, and, indeed you can also ask for a persolised budget.

The selection of the menu will never be a formal booking, it will be a request of information so the restaurant can directly contact the customer once menusdegrupos.com send them the data required. The establishment has to check the availability for the choosen dates, and therefore of the special requirements asked, before making a formal reservation. In any case, there is always place for a last minute change: number of guests, menu, ect. Consequently, the user gets a customised proposal directly from the restaurant.

At the end of the transaction, menusdegrupos.com will get a feedback from the user to check the correct attendance during the process.

Follow this steps

Using the labels settled in the principal website, you can select the location, type of menu, amount of money to spend, type of group or restauntant and the zip codes of the nearest places.


Choose you city/zip code: Select the city and menus according to your location or preferences. If you want to be more precise with the emplacement of the establishment, enter the zip code.


Choose your type of menu: Select the composition of your food between multiple choices.


Choose gastronomy: Select the type of 'cuisine'.


Decide your budget: Fix the amount of money per person. 


Pick restaurant: Here you may find the perfect establishment for your event: terrace, balcony, music...


Select zip code: Enter zip codes to choose between places on the surroundings.


You may find thounsands of group menu intantly.

Choose the best for you and send us your request.

The restaurant will get in touch with you to give you availability and advice in order to satisfy all your needs.

If you want a personalised offer, send us an email to info@menusdegrupos.com and will contact the restaurant.


What are you looking for?


Business: Plan business dinner or lunches for your job events.

Friends: Meet with friends and find a good menu price that suits everyone.

Coffe-Break: Morning or afternoon meetings with a sweet or salty break.

Brunches: Midday breakfasts that ends being a good lunch

Tapas: Enjoy our typical Spanish flavour.

Finger-food: Fast bites using your own hands.

Cocktail: Select the best cocktail for your guests and type of event.

Buffet: If you want to taste in plan view o themed food, take a look to our buffets.

Baptises: Special meals and lunches for one of the most beautiful celebrations.

Birthdays: Original gastronomic ideas for adults and children

Weddings: In weddings full of love, try themed or different countries dishes.

First Communion: Celebrate the joy of this celebration with a good menu, meal or dinner for your guests.

Vegetarian: Find raw, steamed and seasoned vegetarian choices.

Mediterranean: Enjoy the best mediterranean diet sitting down at a table, or standing at a bar.

Italian: Delight yourself with 'La Bella Vita' tasting italians pasta and pizza menus.

Japanesse: Sushi and maki are nowadays very trendy, try them at any time or party.

Greek: Appreciate Greek culture with different menus including their famous Greek salads.

Christmas: Selection of Christmas menu for companies or friends celebrations.

Calçotada: 'Calçots' with romesco sauce are one of the best options to taste with friends.

Haute Cuisine: Appreciate a different kind of gourmet food cooked by the best renowed chefs.

Sea food: Lobsters, clams, shrimps, sea urchin and many more sea food marinated with the best wines.

Ecologic food: Taste nice healthy food suggestions.

Gluten free: If you are gluten intolerant, here you can find a variety of gastronomic options special for you.


Why would you reserve in menusdegrupos.com?


Thousands of menus to choose not having to wait: You may select between multiple and variated suggestions with just one click, without getting to the establishment or waiting for a response. If you want a hand with the orientation of the organisation, this is your website. 


Select menu and the restaurant will contact you: once you have chosen your options, it will be send to the restaurant so they can get directly in touch with you in case you need to check availability, have further questions or need modifications.


They will provide you with personalised suggestions if you need it: If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact by email through info@menusdegrupos.com and we will advise you or send us you exact request and we will directly tell the restaurant what you want.


Exclusive offers and discounts: We will manage to get economical proposals and good discounts.


Personalised customer service:We will attend any questions by phone or email to info@menusdegrupos.com. If you need help or recommendations with the organisation, get in touch by email with the agency in charge of it HELP EVENT CONSULTING in info@helpeventsconsulting.com.


It ́s free: Requesting information, does not have any cost, is just a petition form.


Why should I publish my menus?


It ́s free: the establishment can create their own profile and upload menus free of any charge.


You will increase your bookings: Menusdegrupos.com is present as a commercial platform where restaurants and gastronomic places are able to advertise their food directly to the companies, event agencies or guests.


Direct contact with customers: Once the customers chooses the best suitable choice, we will send you and email containing the personal details of the client so you can contact with no intermediaries.


If you have further questions or requests, contact info@menusdegrupos.com

We will gladly help you in everything you need.