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About us

Our Philosophy is a platform created by Help Events Consulting, an events agency, to bring the menus of venues and restaurants closer to the clients.

It arises out of the necessity that when we want to see menus ourselves, there is no portal that shows them at the moment. This means that we have to call the restaurants and wait for them to send them to us without knowing whether our customers will like them. On the other hand, they themselves do not know what to do when they have to choose a gastronomic proposal for an event or meeting.

We firmly believe that when something is created it should be a benefit to society. That is why we decided not to create a platform just for us, but for all users of cyberspace, and that they themselves can see and select what they need. Can access at the moment and choose the gastronomy and the place they like the most according to their economy or motive. wants to offer this service, if you are thinking of organising a meeting with your friends, a business lunch or a wedding and you can see in a moment different proposals of menus without waiting.

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If you would like to join our team for an internship or a job, send us your profile and we will be happy to evaluate it. We always need people like you who are willing to learn, contribute ideas, lead and have fun working.

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